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    rs10928927 OR and COPD

    Started by Connie 747 days ago Replies (3) Last reply by Connie 745 days ago
    I was shocked at the high OR so began to research this snp. rs10928927 is a “lead snp” in the intergenic region (non-coding) of chromosome 2. C is the ancestral allele. T is the risk allele. You have 17.5 as the Odds Ratio. The only...
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    Celiac and lupus SNP

    Started by MadisonMama 1351 days ago Replies (1) Last reply by geneknot 1350 days ago
    Hi,  rs2187668 is a SNP risk allele for lupus and also celiac disease.  The dbSNP risk allele is A, but the results reported by 23andme are the opposite (meaning the data show the other strand).  Risk allele is T, non-risk allele is...
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    Help with the numbers

    Started by noeltk 1593 days ago Replies (1) Last reply by geneknot 1592 days ago
    What does 1.6 for a disease risk mean? Or "1" or "1.1" Thanks