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Please note that recent 23andme data has more target SNPs than those of Group A and B below. If your data shows 100th percentile and is recently obtained from 23andme, please don't use the percentile value below. We're working on this issue to make a new group.

Genetic factors in your obesity (23andMe data only): This page shows the number of effect alleles associated with body mass index.

The study pulished in Nature shows that the more effect alleles you have, the higher your body mass index is. Here we use a subset of SNPs in the study and show your relative number of effect alleles among the users with 23andme data. The y-axis shows the numbers of people in each bin which covers certain numbers of effect alleles in the x-axis. For example, the first purple bar shows one person (y-axis) who has 24-25 effect alleles (x-axis). You need to compare your number (red in x-axis) in Group A (purple) or Group B (green) depending on the type of your 23andme data. More explanations can be found here. (Disclaimer: The comparison is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to serve as the primary basis for making medical decisions. Since we use a subset of SNPs, the extent of positive correlation between effect alleles and body mass index may vary.)

If "Your Result" below shows "Group X", your result is not ready (showing the demo data).


Your result: Your number is the 50th percentile in Group X