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Terms and Conditions

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By using the services in GeneKont, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Data Privacy

Your data will be used to look up the odds ratios for disease risk and visualize your genetic distances with other users. Your uploaded raw data file will be used for analysis only in this website. The analyzed SNP data will be visible to other users. As of 2/1/2015, genetic distances are shown in GeneKnot menu. But individual SNPs will not be visible to other users for data privacy. The uploaded user information (e.g. ages, diagnosed diseases and so on) will be visible to other users. Our intention is not to keep your information (real name, address, etc). Please don't use personal information in GeneKnot if possible. We recommend that you would use your user id that is not associated with your personal name or information.

Disclaimers for Data Accuracy

The odds ratios are search results from GWASCATALOG of National Genome Research Institute. We do not claim the accuracy of odds ratios for disease risk. These values will be changed constantly when new publications are available. Current scientific results do not represent all the races and physical conditions. You should use the odds ratios at your own risk. Our goal is to keep the curation processes as transparent as possible so that the correct information can be selected. Our approach is highly experimental and there is ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE FOR THE CORRECTNESS.

Content Ownership

We respect the ownership of the content that users share and each user is responsible for the content. If a user post the content which is not related to this website, the content will be deleted without any notice. GeneKnot.com does not hold the responsibility for loss of the uploaded genome file. The user may not post people's private, confidential information, any threats of violence against others, and any content with copyright infringement. The user will be suspended or deleted in this website.

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