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Three simple steps:

To use GeneKnot you need to have DTC results like 23andme. If you have not joined 23andme, you can do it on 23andMe's website. We're not affiliated with 23andme. If you have 23andme results, the zipped file can be downloaded here. You can upload a zipped or unzipped file to GeneKnot.
1. Register in this link with an anonymous user ID. Upload your DTC file and update your information below. Please wait about 10 seconds until successful upload.: "Genome Upload" Menu
2. Check your risk: "Disease Risk" and "My Obesity"
3. Find people like you at different ages and share the experience: "GeneKnot" Menu

Upload your file

Choose a file to upload (Registration required, 23andme (4 columns) and Ancestry (5 columns) format only, not Exome vcf file):
I understand that there are two options for data storage. The 1st option (default) is that my raw data will be deleted after the analysis (typically within 48 hrs). Analyzed results will be deleted after one month. This option is for users who want more strict data protection. The 2nd option is that my raw data will be deleted, but analyzed results will be stored in GeneKnot. For the 2nd option, please check "yes" for [Keep your analysis results?] in the next section below. I also agree that my relative genetic distances will be visible to other users in GeneKnot.


Update your physical information to share your experience

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Diagnosed Diseases (Separated by comma, for example: Type I diabetes, Atrial fibrillation):
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Best working medication, if any (Separated by comma with the order of diseases, for example: medication name1, medication name2)
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Frequent Exercise (at least 3 times a week): Yes No

Keep your analysis results in GeneKnot?: If you keep your analysis results in GeneKnot (choose "yes"), your analysis results will be saved in GeneKnot. But your raw data will be deleted. Unless you are completely comfortable with data sharing (please see the examples of data sharing in personalgenomes.org [23andme page]), we recommend that you choose not to store your analysis results. If you select "no" or don't choose any option, your raw and analyzed results will be deleted in 48 hours (or after analysis) and 1 month, respectively. Yes No

Race (Population studies often use the following examples: African, African American, Asian, Caucasian, European, Hispanic, Indian, Jewish-Israeli, and Mexican. More populations can be found in 1000genome.org.)

I agree that my information will be visible to other users.